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About Us

The Bark Club is a self-serve dog wash & boutique located in Weymouth, Massachusetts. We sell specialty goods such as toys, treats, and more. Founded in 2021, The Bark Club is a place where everyone can come to enjoy the perks of being a dog parent and leave with a fresh bag of goodies and a squeaky clean dog.

Meet Our Team


Jessica opened up The Bark Club on October 2nd 2021. She graduated from The University of Rhode Island in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science. She has always been passionate about animals and has worked a variety of jobs including wildlife veterinary technician, dog walker, dog bather, pet sitter, and veterinary dental technician for preventative cleanings. Her goal was to establish a facility with a self-serve pet wash and grooming with a focus creating a positive experience for pets. She loves to support local small businesses whenever possible. Her focus is on building a community of pet lovers, educating pet parents, and offering a safe place for pets.


Lindsey is Jessica's wife and can be seen working at the store on the weekends. She helps with social media and some graphic design as well as occasionally grooming dogs. She works as a full time private nanny for a family she's been with for 7 years. When she's not working, she enjoys bringing her dogs to the dog park, engaging in outdoor activities, and spending time with family.


Otherwise known as "The Brindle Bitch", C.C. is a shepherd/pitbull mix. She is Jessica and Lindsey's first dog that was rescued from A Survivor's Tale Rescue. You can find her on the mural at The Bark Club.


The second dog introduced into the Ryder family who is a chihuahua/dachshund/min pin/pug mix. Otto prefers people over pets and enjoys a warm lap to sit in.


The newest four legged member of the family! A rambunctious black lab!


Simba is Jessica's first cat that she rescued in college. He is a shy ginger boy with double paws.


Tigger is Jessica's second cat that she rescued in college with her best friend Sami who rescued her cat (Tigger's brother) named Mowgli.


Ghost is a rescue from Paws 4 Survival Rescue that has one blue eye and one green eye. He is very affectionate and acts as a second lap dog to Otto.


Beans is a foster fail from Paws 4 Survival. Jessica fostered his mother Maria and her four kittens a week after she gave birth. Beans was the runt of the litter and required hand feeding and lots of medication as a kitten. The vet told them he may never see and will have chronic respiratory issues, so when he survived, Jessica and Lindsey couldn't give him up for adoption so they kept him. Although he does suffer from respiratory issues, he pulled through and is able to see!


Grubby is a sphynx cat which means he is hairless. He enjoys sleeping under warm blankets, eating any and everything, and running around with his kitty siblings.


Mary is our dog-loving & ambitious assistant manager. She has been working with animals for the past 7 years! Along with being a Bark Club team member, she runs a small dog walking/pet sitting business of her own and is also in her senior year of college studying undergraduate law and is preparing for graduation and law school. When not studying, you can find her behind the desk helping customers, or in the back doing baths & nail trims!! She is also a cat mom of two!


Christine is our front desk receptionist who is also a lover of dogs and has a pit mix named Kalua. She graduated from Umass Boston with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and hopes to eventually get her masters degree in social work. She is passionate about herbal medicine and wants to use her research and knowledge to help others on a path to holistic healing. A few of her favorite hobbies include hiking, going to the beach and thrift shopping.


Angela has been grooming dogs for close to 9 years. She is very passionate about grooming and animals. She has 2 fur babies at home. Thor (a bichon/shih tzu mix) and MOOshu (munchkin cat), who she loves dearly. Her favorite breed of dog to groom is a shih tzu because of their fun and loving personalities.


In loving memory of Gollum who unexpectedly and tragically passed away. You will always be loved <3


Anna has a love of animals like no other. She treats each and every pet as if it were her own. She has almost a decade of experience with most breeds of dogs as well as cats! She is meticulous in her work loves what she does! She is patient and kind to each fur baby that’s comes into the shop. Anna has two dogs of her own. A pittie named Popeye who was born with a leg deformity but that doesn’t stop him from playing and being a good boy! As well as her Maltese mix Twinkie, who is in her senior years now and loves to be spoiled with treats and belly rubs!

What Our Customers Say

We love all of the dogs & their owners in Weymouth and surrounding areas including Quincy, BraintreeNorwell, Hingham, and more.

Come visit our self-serve dog wash & boutique in Weymouth, MA specializing in quality treats, toys, and supplies for dogs & cats.